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The Fundamentals of Metaphysics was born out of a shared vision to support human progression. We are three goddesses who value connection and collaboration with a belief that only together will we all rise. We believe that progression is a result of developing a deeper understanding of the self and the expression of your authentic nature in all areas of life.


The evolution of science and spirituality is waking people up to their potential and their ability to reach for true wisdom, which inevitably results in greater ease in life and the awakening of the beauty of individuality. 


Globally, we are navigating a time of remarkable shifts and changes. We are witnessing both great accomplishments and growth alongside immense struggles and shadows.


At the Fundamentals of Metaphysics, our mission is to share teachings, tools and experiential opportunities to take ordinary, mundane life into extraordinary living. We are here to guide those along a path of seeking, to awaken individuals to new perceptions and perspectives, to create more beauty and magick in life, to increase awareness, clarify purpose, and cultivate passion and enjoyment in all things.


Ultimately, to share and anchor more Light on the planet.


Trained in the Hermetic tradition of the Modern Mystery School, our teaching team includes Genie Markwell, Kelly Aho and Michaela Court, who serve as Spiritual Guides, teachers and healers in the Lineage of King Salomon. Together we combine our knowledge and passion, share tools and teaching, and pass along our personal and professional experiences from implementing the tools we will be sharing with students over the course of our 8 Week series.


The body of work held within our Lineage has been shared through oral tradition and these teachings and tools have been utilized by many great innovators, musicians, philosophers, mathematicians, artists and scientists throughout history. 

We are excited to come together in this manner and to increase visibility and accessibility of these teachings for the public so that more people can openly explore the deep wisdom, magick and potentiality that can be tapped into in order to transform life from mundane to extraordinary

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Meet the Teaching Team


Genie Markwell

Illume Innate

Being a doctor for over 20 years, Genie bridges science and spirituality by creating connections tuning into the vibration and then delving deeper.





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Kelly Hull Aho

Empowerful Life

Laughter is Kelly's best medicine! She brings her unique sense of humor into her teaching style, making complex concepts accessible! 






Michaela Court

Energy Catalyst

With her deep understanding of quantum physics, Michaela brings a sophisticated style of bridging science with practical application. 






"I've never felt so alive! I feel like I got a lot of information that I was searching for, and can't wait to receive more. I've always been doubtful of myself. So, most importantly, I now have a greater love for myself.

I'm really excited to be here on this planet! And, I can't wait to get started on my mission."

Shannon M. 

Empower Thyself

"I had the honor of attending and experiencing the teaching collaboration of Modern Mystery School Guides, Genie and Michaela,  in an Empower Thyself weekend intensive class and initiation. The unique mix and harmony of their different backgrounds, their complimentary perspectives and many years of combined experience in advanced metaphysical understanding is truly remarkable - and so fun! The advanced teachings were digestible while also pushing me to move "beyond the box". They are masterful at what they teach, how they teach it and the energies they hold as guides."

Rosemary B.

Empower Thyself


Reese Mathers

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