Fundamentals of Metaphysics

We are proud to offer our proven program of spiritual advancement in two locations: Phoenix, AZ and Seattle, WA. 

All locations are currently accepting student enrollment. 

2020 Programs: 

Phoenix Arizona

Classes begin on

Wednesday, November 18

Graduation is on 

Sunday, December 20



2021 Programs:

Seattle Washington

Classes will be offered in the Spring of 2021. 

Have you been searching for answers to life’s big questions? Have you had a spiritual awakening and are looking for a path of study to support your continued path of enlightenment? Are you ready to move beyond living a mundane life and start living an extraordinary one? 


Program Details


This series of curated classes will lay a foundation of ancient Mystery School teachings. We will continue building upon that foundation by layering tools, teachings, hidden wisdom and experiential gifts so that you can expand your capacity to delve deeper into the esoteric worlds of energy through Alchemy, Hermetics and Shamanism. 


In the Fundamentals of Metaphysics series, you will be brought to the gates of the castle of knowledge, beyond which lies your limitless potential as a human. Should you choose to invest in the Capstone Course: Empower Thyself Adept Initiation, deep, hidden & authentic wisdom becomes available to you as an Adept in the ancient and abundant lineage of King Salomon the Wise. 


Our entire program is designed to equip you with knowledge, experience, clarity and authentic tools of power so that you can skillfully move forward on the ancient path of progression, allowing you to live an extraordinary life in our modern times! 


For those looking to become an energy healer, or looking to make greater shifts on the planet: The Fundamentals of Metaphysics Series provides all 4 of the prerequisite courses that prepare you for the second initiation at Healer’s Academy.


This 5-day immersion program (Healer's Academy) will train you to recognize, work with, and wield the energies of the aura, etheric structures, magnetic field, elemental planes, chakras, and more.


At the culmination of the program you receive 10 times more Light energy to bring into the world, and you will be able to offer Life Activations, Aura Healings, and the Max Meditation System™ class as a Certified Professional Life Activation Practitioner. 

Student Enrollment

Program Locations

Phoenix Program Image by George Pagan III