Modern Mystery School

Lineage of King Salomon

The Modern Mystery School, located in Ontario, Canada, is one of the 7 remaining Ancient Mystery Schools still initiating on the planet. Though there are thousands of mystery schools, only these 7 follow the traditions of the ancient times as passed down through oral tradition, weaving a golden thread from teacher to student and harnessing the true power of the tools and teachings kept in pure form through this unbroken lineage. 


This North American Mystery School has been functioning as an open Mystery school for over 20 years and can now be found in over 55 countries with practitioners, teachers and Spiritual Guides sharing these tools world wide. The other 6 Mystery Schools in the ancient traditions remain closed and continue to function in secrecy, each one holding a special purpose for the planet. 

The mission of the Modern Mystery School is to bring Shambalah (also known as World Peace) to the planet. 

In the lineage of King Salomon the Great, the Healers are cross trained to be Warriors and Warriors to be Healers. It is a balance between wielding loving compassion and asserting healthy boundaries, tip-toeing through the tulips and bulldozing through the BS*. We are taught to do this through the Path of Know Thyself using the study applied through Hermetics, Alchemy, Shamanism and Magick to live life alive! 

Under the guidance of the Third Order and the Counsel of 12, our community of light-workers is committed to holding the flame and bringing the light into all aspects of life on the planet. Every person has a part and can contribute to this by bringing more light into their own lives in their own unique ways.

The Third Order

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Ipsissimus, Dave Lanyon

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CEO Modern Mystery School International

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Founder, Gudni Gudnason

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Key Lineage Holder

School Founder

Tokyo, Japan

Ipsissimus, Hideto Nakagome

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CEO Modern Mystery School Japan

Tokyo, Japan

Council of 12

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The Council of Twelve serves as Spiritual Council. Made up of 12 Goddesses from around the world, they are tasked with enlivening and anchoring the Divine Feminine back into the world, including supporting and maintaining the direction of the Modern Mystery School.

Of the 12 Goddesses, 6 are from the Western World and 6 are from the Eastern World. They were selected for this honored position because of their long standing dedication to maintaining the purity and accessibility of the Lineage of King Salomon. Those serving on this council will change over time and as our leadership needs change.